Business Services

As a business it is of importance to manage your visual identity. Especially on social media accounts it pays off to have consistently shot high quality business portraits. Let us help you to assure that your company and employees are represented professionally.

Business Portraits

First impressions are the single most important thing in business. Professional corporate portrait photography allows you to establish trust by adding personality to your brand. Visit us at the studio for a consistent series of staff portraits or have us come over to your preferred business location to convey what your enterprise is about in a single striking image.

CEO Portraits

Future business relations are always going to want to see the face behind the operation. Make sure their first impression will be a lasting one. Allow us to take a timeless portrait to further established your image and in extension the image of your brand.

Business Events

If you are having a party at the office or prepared for a big show at your venue why not have a team of professionals make sure that you have an amazing collection of images to show for it. Whether you plan to share the pictures afterwards with your guests or plan to use them for future promotion purposes, a complete gallery of high quality pictures will prove to be invaluable.

Business Location Photography

Introduce your enterprise to your relations by showcasing how things are done at your business. High quality images of the office, work-floor and the location help to establish trust and transparency. Trust our team of professionals to capture your business in style.

Mobile Studio

Specifically designed for big events and after-parties, Michael Holmes Photo provides a unique service that will help to capture and entertain your guests.  We set up a professionally equipped pop-up studio anywhere you want allowing your guests to have their portraits taken in a fun and spontaneous manner. Great for capturing the mood of your event and even better as a personal memento to your guests.

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