We know that small details can make a big difference. We work to visually communicate the full experience of your event and pride ourselves on covering every minute instance while keeping our eye on the big picture. Ask us for consultation and scaleable solutions to covering your upcoming event, whether it be small and personal or spanning over multiple convention areas.

Half-Day Event

If you are having a party at the office or prepared for a big show at your venue why not have a team of professionals make sure that you have an amazing collection of images to show for it. Whether you plan to share the pictures afterwards with your guests or plan to use them for future promotion purposes, a complete gallery of high quality pictures will prove to be invaluable.

All-Day Event

If you still have not solved the problem of how to document your large-scale event then please look no further. We are specialized in covering events in their entirety. Coverage of your main stage, booth area and guests are a given but often-times overlooked details such as staff, backstage activity and catering will all be archived in style to make sure that you will have a complete record of all activities.

Photography Team

We pride ourselves on our capability to adapt to any kind of conditions. Whether you need a medium to large sized team of photographers to cover multiple angles of a single event and/or you need access to high quality pictures in real-time during your event, we can offer order-made solutions to make sure that you will have it covered. We can organize and manage teams of photographers and editors on location in order to make sure that the output of content will meet all your requirements.

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